Katarina was the first person we met on our first trip to Prvic Luka. What a lucky day that was!  When she met our sailboat as we docked at the quay my husband proudly told her that Prvic was the island on which his father was born. Katarina immediately jumped into action introducing us to everyone who might have known of his family who left the island for the US in 1928. Over the past few years she has helped us learn more about our Frlekin lineage, where the family lived, and how to do more local research.

On our first trip Katarina also introduced us to her amazing parents (Mariana is an astounding chef and Ivan a brilliant entrepreneur) and their comfortable apartment house with the world’s best views. We return every year for at least a month!  Katarina is there to meet us when our plane arrives in Split and she’s the last person we say goodbye to when our vacation is sadly over. More than a friend or “tour guide”, we refer to Katarina as our Croatian “daughter”!

Kristi and Gabriel Frlekin

San Francisco, USA

We heard about Katarina trough our friends from Poland. And was she a discovery! She arranged all for us – from airport transfer, accommodation on a paradise island, tours around the Sibenik county. She even accompanied us to a National park Krka! Very open, communicative and positive person! Our children fell in love with her

We definitely recommend Katarina if you need someone who knows her way around Croatia!



My name is Nick Shilatz. I am an American Citizen residing at Mt Pleasant, PA 15666
As I spent more time in Croatia (because of my work) I became more interested in my heritage. My Father, who at the time was 86 years old had never been to Croatia. His father, Lovro Siljac was born on the outskirts of Karlovac in a farming community.

I engaged Katarina to try to find any relatives in the Karlovac area. She conducted extensive interviews of local people and church records and located several close family members. Mainly, the Matakovic family. Stephen Matakovic was my father’s 1st cousin.

In July of 2010 my father now 87 and I took a trip to Croatia so he could meet his relatives.
We arrived in Zagreb Croatia and traveled by auto to many points in Croatia. We had the opportunity with the tremendous help of Katarina Nimac, to visit with the Matakovic Family for two days. Katarina traveled with us to numerous visits in the community and throughout Croatia for 5 days. The trip would not have been possible without her excellent detective work to locate relatives of the Siljac Family Tree. The visits with the Matakovic Family meant the world to my father. He passed at age 89, this past February 7, 2012.

Katarina is a knowledgeable, intuitive young lady who has incredible abilities in communication. I would highly recommend her to any family who is seeking lost relatives. She has demonstrated the ability and perseverance to continue to “turn over rocks” until the right one is found in her quest.

Nick Shilatz (Niko Siljac)

United States